5 Steps to Win with Social Listening and Analytics

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In my last post, I talked about the importance of adding social listening to your PR stack, and the difference between social media monitoring and listening in preparation for the webinar with our partner, Talkwalker, on February 4. Now that the event is behind us, I’m following-up to recap some key points from it.

How social listening maximizes performance and minimizes risk

Social listening and analytics give you the ability to take all these conversations and gain meaningful insights and data. This allows you to tie your efforts back to the bottom line, so you can prove exactly what communications brings to the table and move communications and PR from a cost to a profit center.

Why listening to social media conversations is so vital

Think about these facts for a moment. Every 10 minutes on the internet, there are:

  • Over 5 million tweets[1]
  • Over 60,000 Instagram posts
  • Over 50 million YouTube videos viewed
  • Over 22 million people are logged in to Facebook[2]

While most organizations recognize the need for monitoring print, web, and broadcast media, social is often overlooked or managed by another department. PR pros need to own the entire communications suite to get a full 360° view of communications around the brand, competitors, topics, patterns and trends.

Ivanna Hajnecka, Talkwalker Partners Marketing Manager, pointed out these ‘fun facts’ to emphasize just how much social media matters.

How PR pros are using social listening

In my last post, I offered some statistics gleaned from Talkwalker’s 2020 Global State of PR report, and that media monitoring is still deemed the most valuable element when it comes to reporting results.

The good news is that 44% of marcom / PR professionals use some form of social listening on a daily basis. If you add in those who use social listening on a weekly or monthly basis, that number rises to about 92%. However, the 56% who do not use it daily may be missing out on trends, patterns, and crucial early-warning indicators to potential crises.

The main takeaway from all of that is in this digital age, “PR no longer stands alone; the lines between marketing and PR are more blurred and mixed than ever,” Ivanna pointed out.

So what are the five steps to win with social listening and analytics?

While I don’t want to give away all the details, I’ll offer some high-level points and encourage you to listen to the webinar playback for the full story.

  1. Listen to your organization. Monitor both your online and offline presence in the media landscape to gain brand awareness and other insights (such as sentiment). We understand this sometimes means using multiple tools. For this reason, Burrelles partnered with Talkwalker — to provide a single framework with comprehensive data flowing in from all channels, online and off.
  2. Utilize image and video recognition. You may think this isn’t as important as what people say, when in fact, around 80% of social media content includes either an image or video. PR pros are well aware that brand reputation is crucial, but if you’re not monitoring images and video, you’re missing out on a wealth of information!
  3. Keep an eye on the competition. Benchmarking and analyzing your competition’s behavior provides an understanding of the market and can be used as a source for content ideation, consumer insights and brand reputation.
  4. Mitigate risk. I have to agree with Ivanna when she said, “It’s about when a crisis happens, not if.” This is another area that PR pros know very well. It’s essential to have a constantly updated crisis communications plan and to be cautious and anticipate with real-time data.
  5. Keep data consistent. You can avoid disjointed data, information silos, and variations in data gathering methodologies when choosing a platform with a comprehensive offering. Ivanna pointed out that, “In the face of an abundance of data sources, PR practitioners globally are looking for a single source of truth, a platform that combines all their insights in one place.”

At this point in the webinar, Dorothy Wang, Talkwalker Senior Partner Manager, did a very brief demonstration showcasing easy-to-use dashboards with details on brand listening, image recognition, managing multiple social networks and data streams, and generating professional reports.

One final insight from the Global State of PR report that I found especially interesting is what marcom / PR professionals consider valuable to include in your reports and how it demonstrates the convergence of marketing, communications, and public relations:


There were a few great follow-up questions asked and answered, as well as more details on all the points listed above, so be sure to check out the full on-demand webinar playback!

And, if you would like to know more about how our media monitoring and/or social listening and analytics can help you and your business, request more information or get a personal demonstration.



[1] https://www.internetlivestats.com
[2] https://zephoria.com/top-15-valuable-facebook-statistics/




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