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Burrelles has a long history of trust and credibility.

Founded in 1888, Burrelles is one of the most trusted and credible partners in the media data services industry. Combining sophisticated technology with specialized expert analysis, Burrelles’ new technologies and expanded product portfolio provide a simple, seamless and personalized connection to media data across all of today’s channels. Its comprehensive suite includes media monitoring, communication tools, in-depth customized reporting, analytical research, publishing, data services, and professional services. With unparalleled expertise and industry insights drawn from 130 years of relentless innovation and dedicated client service, Burrelles takes media data beyond automation.

With Burrelles, taking control of every stage of your media efforts has never been easier. 

Burrelles provides a variety of services for communications professionals to maximize their PR results through a full range of media planning, media monitoring, and media reporting services.

Burrelles easy-to-use portal, MYNEWSDASH®, gives you everything you need to start organizing and managing your media relations and public relations efforts.

Our comprehensive suite of affordable services is fully integrated in one convenient and easy-to-use portal, Burrelles MYNEWSDASH. Our search experts review general mentions or specific references affecting your organization’s media coverage from national and local print, broadcast, video, online and social media sources. We research and engage journalists and bloggers, report on results, intelligently plan future campaigns, or run self-guided searches – whatever your needs, Burrelles has a solution that is right for you.


Since 1888, Burrelles has paved the way for every major innovation in the media monitoring, planning, and measurement industry. In addition to the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology, clients appreciate its personalized customer service.

Whether you’re seeking help in setting up an effective monitoring program, refining your media outreach tactics, or performing specialized media reporting, you can rest easy knowing that with Burrelles Client Services you receive:

  • A dedicated client services representative – a single point-of-contact person who knows your needs and preferences and looks out for your success.
  • The knowledge you’re looking for. Each of our client service representatives undergoes extensive and ongoing training to keep on top of the media and changes in the industry.
  • Access to a special representative hotline to handle extraordinary needs if for some reason you can’t contact your account manager. When you’re up against a tough deadline, you can count on us.
  • Assistance with online tools so that you can easily access, manage, and measure your media coverage.

Currently headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey, Burrelles has provided world-class media monitoring for over 130 years! Our company philosophy throughout our history has always been grounded in providing the best products and most personalized customer service for our clients, from our early press clipping days in the late 1800’s to our modern-day coverage across all channels of print, online, broadcast and social media monitoring. Media has evolved in amazing ways throughout our history, and so have we.

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Our senior leadership team knows our business from the inside out. They’ve held a vast number of positions across several disciplines at Burrelles. The wealth of knowledge they have gathered throughout the years helps provide you with the best customer experience in the industry.

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At Burrelles, we offer self-motivated individuals the opportunity to work in the dynamic media relations service field, an industry that we pioneered and continue to lead. Public relations and business professionals rely on Burrelles to measure media relations activity, track competitors, and retrieve important business news from around the world.

Our employment package includes the training it takes to stay on top, a competitive salary and full benefits including a 401(k). Burrelles policy requires that all employees and job applicants be treated equally without regard to race, color, sex, age, sexual orientation, national origin, marital status, veteran status or handicap. Burrelles is an affirmative action employer.

A long-standing commitment to deliver the best products, services and customer service for our customers is at the heart of who we are.

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