Data Without Context is Meaningless in Communications and PR Measurement

November 16, 2020By Tressa RobbinsAMEC, Burrelles, Communications, Media Measurement, Media Monitoring, Public Relations, Technology No Comments

Without a determinant understanding of what you are measuring, data can’t be used in a meaningful way. However, when you add context by describing precisely what you’re measuring and why—only then can it be useful for interpreting specific things.

In other words, without context and meaning, data is simply meaningless vanity metrics embedded in pretty charts.

Each year, November is designated as global AMEC Measurement Month (#AMECMM) and is dedicated to its mission of education and innovation in PR and communications measurement and evaluation.

Burrelles is hosting a free webinar on Tuesday, November 24, at 12:00 pm EST / 9:00 am PST . The North American AMEC Chair, and Senior Vice President of Analytics at Ketchum, Nicole Moreo, will be our guest speaker.

At Ketchum, she leads a team of analysts across sectors. Using the latest ideas in digital, statistical, analytical and market research, Nicole is known for moving beyond the basics to uncover a truly innovative analytics approach that supports a program before, during, after and beyond.

In this webinar, we will discuss how using the recently updated Barcelona Principles 3.0 can optimize your communications measurement program to provide meaningful and impactful insights.

You will take away from this webinar an understanding of:

  • How critical the planning stage is and what questions to ask
  • How to take simple steps to avoid vanity metrics
  • How approaching data just to create a report or graphic representation is a missed opportunity
  • Steps you can take to take the next step on your measurement journey

Data-driven results don’t have to be complicated. With the Barcelona Principles’ help, you can define a framework that focuses on what’s important and, therefore, create and report valid metrics for success.


Burrelles’ media monitoring provides both automated, software-based measurement, and the option for human-verified, qualitative coverage—online and off. Contact us here for more information and to discuss your measurement needs.

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