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The most comprehensive U.S. media monitoring service

From our roots as a press clipping service, to our modern PR software, Burrelles is the most trusted and credible partner in the media data services industry. Our comprehensive media monitoring service still combines human insight with sophisticated technology to provide you with curated coverage from national and local print, broadcast, social media and online sources to ensure you see all the coverage most relevant to you, your organization, and your public relations goals.

Professionals in a wide range of industries (like public relations, marketing, research and development, government, non-profits, Fortune 1000) rely on our comprehensive curated content from local and national print, online, broadcast, and social media sources.

With our ever-growing source list and flexible media monitoring packages, Burrelles media relations software works within a range of budgets. From leveraging our expansive production team providing edited services, to tapping into our PR software and technology providing unedited services, we tailor subscriptions to each of our client’s specific objectives and requirements.

What We Monitor

Complete television, radio and podcast monitoring

Burrelles Broadcast Monitoring offers comprehensive monitoring of all 210 U.S. DMAs and top 50 radio markets, along with key Hispanic and international programming. Our exclusive podcast monitoring service covers 25,000+ top trending podcasts from U.S.-based directories. With our Premium Full-Service monitoring, you set the parameters for what’s important to you, and streaming clips are delivered to your MYNEWSDASH® account in near-real time with metadata and transcripts. Upgrade to the fully edited level to have commercials removed so you don’t have to sift through irrelevant data. We also offer a flexible iMonitor Self-Service Broadcast service (details below).

With Burrelles Premium Full-Service Broadcast Monitoring, you:

  • Choose to receive broadcast monitoring coverage on a subscription or ad hoc basis, so you get exactly what you need when you need it
  • Receive streaming broadcast clips in your MYNEWSDASH interface in near real time
  • See relevant metadata like audience impressions and spot cost
  • Choose between edited or unedited coverage
  • Create customizable reports to demonstrate the impact of your coverage. Broadcast coverage can be analyzed on its own or alongside your print and online coverage
  • Request additional editing services, like removal of commercials, to ensure the clips conform to your overall search strategy

With Burrelles iMonitor Self-Service Broadcast Monitoring, you:

  • Conduct unlimited and hoc searches on your timeline or schedule
  • Have the ability to back search video and audio clips from the past 30 days
  • Set custom alerts for topic of interest to you
  • Save the clips you want for easy reporting and automated analysis

Hands down, the most comprehensive U.S. print media monitoring service.

Our clients enjoy comprehensive behind-the-paywall, copyright-compliant content from outlets that no other monitoring bureaus or clipping services can access.

With a source list that grows every day, Burrelles ensures that you receive precisely the news clippings that meet your needs and your budget. Our editors read each print edition of every major publication, including thousands of daily, weekly, and bi-weekly local and national newspapers and monthly and bi-monthly journals and magazines.

Editors review each story personally, so you don’t have to weed through irrelevant clips. Manage your clips in MYNEWSDASH®, where you can organize print and online clips, assess coverage, and export for analysis and media measurement.

Here are just some of the types of the print media sources we monitor:

  • Daily and non-daily newspapers
  • Regional publications
  • Consumer magazines
  • Trade magazines
  • Professional journals

Total coverage that’s specific to you and your business needs

Burrelles subscribes to every major online publication and database, so you can be sure you’ll have the coverage that’s important to you and your public relations management. Our PR software and human search experts sort through every possible keyword mention to ensure you receive every relevant article, and our verified service means you have access to just those stories that match your specific search instructions.

Our MYNEWSDASH® interface makes managing and organizing the content for media measurement a streamlined process, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus your efforts on analyzing progress and garnering more media coverage.

Here’s a short list of the types of online media sources we monitor:

  • Online publications such as web news sources, news wires, and syndicated services
  • Internet forums, including message boards
  • Blogs, including both citizen and mainstream journalists

Demonstrate the impact of your online coverage with quantitative reports, and easily integrate with print and online coverage for a comprehensive picture of your media coverage.

Keeping an eye on the world of social media 24/7, so you don’t have to

With social media dialogue and commentary changing and updating by the second, monitoring the internet for what people are saying about your brand, business or organization is more crucial than ever! How can you possibly know the who, what, where, when and why of what is being said about you without an army of folks monitoring social media 24/7?

Our Social Media Monitoring and listening tools are designed to discover conversations about your brand, product, or service, understand the public’s prevailing sentiments, and monitor trends in real-time while also gaining valuable insights on your competition (SOV).

Here are just some of Burrelles social media monitoring highlights:

  • Non-stop brand monitoring
  • Prioritize Impactful Conversations
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Multiple Resources
  • Organize Discussions, Mentions, Tweets from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, etc.
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Mobile Access and Functionality
  • Email Alerts

Keeping an eye on what is being said about your business is more streamlined, and easier to track than ever. We make sure you’ll see all the coverage most relevant to you, your organization, and your public relations goals. Let our professionals help you decide which platform is best for your specific needs.

Reporting and measurement to fit your needs

Move beyond automation and tailor your PR reporting and media measurement programs to meet your specific business objectives. Burrelles provides quantitative and qualitative custom media measurement to help you spot trends, identify insights, and demonstrate your results to the C-suite.

With Burrelles Custom Media Measurement:

  • Analysts review your stories for sentiment (tone), key messages, marketing power, prominence, media value, quality rating score, share of voice, and other pre-defined and customized metrics.
  • Reports and charts are issued daily, monthly, quarterly, or other requested frequency, and are produced in your choice of C-suite-friendly format.
  • Data tables are accompanied by full-color, PowerPoint charts that you can easily upload to your presentation or distribute to your C-suite.
  • Option to include executive-level summaries and evaluations of media coverage for when you require objective expert commentary.

Click here to learn about our analytics offerings.

Full-Service Media Monitoring


Burrelles offers a full range of human-verified media monitoring, a full-service option that ensures every piece of content you receive adheres fully to your stated needs. Choose from Print, Online, Express Print and/or Express Web to create a custom monitoring solution that fits your budget and your public relations strategies. Alternatively, select our unverified service to fit your budget and time constraints.

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The most complete media monitoring service

Burrelles employs expert human editors to determine whether each story we have captured conforms to the instructions that you and your Burrelles account manager develop. Our human-verified clipping services assure that the news content you receive is relevant, saving you effort, time, and money.

Here’s What Makes Burrelles a standout clipping service:

  • Our comprehensive content is copyright compliant, and because of our turnkey copyright compliance program, we monitor content behind the paywall not available to any other monitoring service.
  • Each article includes the full text and accompanying photos, graphics, and headlines, and thumbnail images indicate the article’s exact page position.
  • Our integrated MYNEWSDASH interface makes it easy to organize clips, manage results, demonstrate market influence and export reports for comprehensive analysis and C-suite reporting.

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Self-Service Media Monitoring

Burrelles iMonitor®

Go beyond the scope of your monitored content with our hands-on, self-guided media monitoring service with Burrelles iMonitor – your ideal PR software solution.

With iMonitor’s coverage of web sources including, news sites, and global sources, you can:

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  • Conduct unlimited ad hoc searches
  • Access a cache of monitored online articles from the past 13 months
  • Set custom alerts for topics and sites
  • Save the clips you want for easy reporting and automated analysis

Burrelles iMonitor Broadcast

  • Conduct unlimited ad hoc searches on your timeline or schedule
  • Includes the ability to back search video and audio clips from the past 30 days
  • Set custom alerts for topics of interest to you
  • Save the clips you want for easy reporting

For your convenience, these services are offered at a flat monthly rate, and would be integrated into your Burrelles MYNEWDASH interface.

*Burrelles iMonitor does not include Express® media monitoring, a service that provides early-morning delivery of top-tier publications.

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Additional Product Offerings

Take a more hand’s on approach to monitoring your coverage

Go beyond the scope of your curated content with our self-guided media monitoring service. Integrated into the Burrelles MYNEWSDASH interface, the Burrelles iMonitor module is your ideal PR software solution and research tool, allowing customized ad-hoc and saved searches of online content for a flat fee. With coverage of web sources including, news sites, and global sources, you can:

  • Conduct unlimited ad hoc searches.
  • Access a cache of monitored online articles from the past 13 months.
  • Set custom alerts for topics, and sites.
  • Save the clips you want for easy reporting and automated analysis.

Get a jump on your day by arming your executives with all the news they need to stay ahead of the conversation

Provides news your executives need when it’s most actionable: daybreak. Executive Briefing arrives by the start of business every day and monitors according to client-specified terms and monitoring parameters for news about your organization, competition, and industry. You have the option of setting up an automated report using our software, however, our analysts can customize and deliver a more targeted C-suite-relevant briefing.

Each Executive Briefing is human-verified for maximum relevance and includes headline, publishing date, publication name, author, keyword(s), a 140-character synopsis, and a link to the article.

Making it easier than ever to stay on top of nationwide news

Using Burrelles’ proprietary technology to analyze data from the top 25 domestic print publications, the AM Briefing:

  • Provides a snapshot into the day’s headlines, insights and trends, and it is analyzed according to subject matter and geography.
  • Arrives in a summarized format in your email inbox each morning making it easier than ever for you to stay on top of the latest news.

Rise and shine with relevant and reliable media monitoring, first thing in the morning

Get your coverage as it happens – as early as 6 am. Burrelles offers Express® early-morning delivery of top-tier print publications. Human editors qualify content before sending it to the Media Content module of Burrelles MYNEWSDASH. End users can set up push reports with added metadata and see the complete article, including text and images on any schedule that meets their business need.

Get your morning broadcast boost with our daily synopsis

Build on your broadcast monitoring and act on the content from the three major network morning shows with a daily synopsis of morning broadcasts. An indispensable tool for public relations professionals, the morning broadcast synopsis features a review of morning shows from ABC, CBS, and NBC. Each day’s synopsis is delivered to your email at your specified hour and provides the insights you need to plan and execute broadcast media campaigns.

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