Podcast Monitoring

Podcast Popularity in the U.S.

Burrelles Podcast Monitoring Service

Burrelles/TVEyes podcast monitoring searches and finds mentions of keywords related to your brand or business from thousands of the world’s most popular podcasts.

  • Our top-ranking podcasts are sourced from the largest U.S.-based directory for podcast listening across a wide range of  subject matter.
  • Thousands of new episodes are added and transcribed daily for search and discovery.

  • We scour the most popular podcasts from categories that have the most listeners.
  • Podcast topics range from news, business, health and government to leisure, music, arts and comedy among many more.

  • Current supported languages include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Greek.
  • Podcast popularity is booming worldwide. Our ability to custom add non-English content and international podcast sources is a key benefit for our clients doing global business.

Why Podcast Monitoring Is Critical in Today's Marketplace

  • Enhances your media coverage and track brand mentions.
  • Uncovers industry trends related to your business.
  • Gains market intelligence for your business and your competitors.
  • Searches for podcast sources that cover your industry for new coverage opportunities.
  • Researches emerging issues in real-time.
  • Identifies cross-promotion opportunities and potential partners.
  • Discovers sponsorship opportunities that you may not have known existed.

Search Results Include:

  • Title
  • Publish date
  • Description
  • Link to source
  • Link to audio file
  • Duration
  • Exact pinpoint of keyword mention & playback

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