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TressaTressa Robbins

Tressa Robbins brings 15 years of diversified business, communications, and public relations experience to her role as Burrelles vice president-Media Outreach. She is a frequent contributor to the Burrelles Fresh Ideas blog, and guest contributor to PRSA’s blog, comPRehension. Active in public relations and regional business groups, Robbins often speaks at PRSSA regional events across the country on a variety of topics pertaining to social and traditional media strategies and relations, as well as events for PRSA and Bulldog Reporter.

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The Museum of Public Relations
Burrelles: More Than Just “The Clipping People"
Cathy Del Colle, Burrelles President, is interviewed by The Museum of Public Relations for #PRHistory. This article explores how public relations pioneer, Burrelles, grew from a clipping service to a tech-forward media intelligence services provider offering a complete suite of monitoring and analysis tools.

On Top Of PR
Burrelles President Cathy Del Colle was featured in a Podcast episode of On Top of PR with Jason MuddListen here to learn about effective media monitoring in 2020, how the PR industry is reacting to Covid-19, and other valuable tips from her years in the industry.

The Glass Hammer
A website dedicated to inspiring and empowering professional women at work, The Glass Hammer recently interviewed Burrelles President Cathy Del Colle to get her insights on an amazing career. From tips on thriving in the workplace to her daily goal of maintaining a work-life balance, Del Colle discusses it all. Read it here.

CEO World
Leadership Lessons Learned: The Digital Transformation Of A 130-year-old Family Business
Any 130-year old company has seen technological changes and has had to learn tough lessons in order to continue to grow and sustain its mission through the challenges that those changes bring. This is especially true for Burrelles, the industry’s oldest media data company, which I’m CEO of. It’s even more true because Burrelles is our family business, with multiple generations seeing it through adaptations to the ongoing evolution of the media landscape. Read More

Could Cyber Risks Cancel Out Your Company’s Reputation in 2020?
Whether a crisis or day-to-day reputation monitoring, Iommazzo noted that major brands depend on media monitoring companies like Burrelles to be their eyes and ears. Read More

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