SEO & PR; working hand-in-hand in the digital landscape

November 18, 2020By Craig NoldenAMEC, Burrelles, Communications, Media Measurement, Media Monitoring, Public Relations No Comments

This post is part of our AMEC Measurement Month (#AMECMM) series.

I recently watched a webinar titled “Digital PR, SEO and the AMEC Framework” produced by PR Agency One and AMEC. It touched on many topics, including helping digital public relations and search engine optimization specialists track what really matters beyond “the link” to ensure it delivers outcomes.

It got me thinking about a topic that I blogged about recently that spoke to the importance of PR and Marketing working together to deliver results. After watching this webinar, I realized the same “can’t we all work together” desire applies to PR and SEO as well. And ultimately, how the two being in harmony will help deliver the best results for your business efforts.

Too often, businesses treat PR outreach, content and SEO as competing forces rather than synergetic entities that rely on each other to succeed. That’s not surprising considering their definitions don’t outwardly indicate their connection to each other.

Each used to be considered separate methods of gaining visibility and promoting an organization, but in the age of digital, SEO and PR have never been this interconnected.

SEO is all about getting found in a world of brands fighting for visibility on search engines. Likewise, PR pros look to manage brand tone and visibility. In both industries, qualitative and quantitative data can provide a wealth of information to inform strategies and tactics.

While SEOs and PR can differ in their approach, they both look to build trust as core values. SEOs have utilized PR tactics to gain links for years, but it’s as important as ever that link building relies on both sides working together to get the most bang for the buck. Even though that is often easier said than done.

So how can SEOs and PR pros collaborate on behalf of their brands, businesses and clients?

Hit the ground running together
This is imperative from the onset of an assignment or campaign. Getting all relevant goals, objectives and information upfront will make everything run more smoothly.

Play off each other’s expertise
When  public relations and SEO collaborate, many things can be learned. For example, when it comes to ranking factors, links are one of the most important for Google and other search engines. SEOs know what makes a quality link, where and how they’re needed. However, a PR pro wouldn’t always know this as it’s not their specialty. And likewise, a PR communications team understands what secures a brand’s coverage in top tier publications. Outreach is just one part of SEO, whereas it is a pivotal part of any PR pros day-to-day operations.

Learn to use digital PR beyond building links
The webinar spent some quality time talking about this subject. “Focusing just on links is a problem because it moves PR down the value chain. We become suppliers, not consultants. The further from the c-suite, the less valuable the service,” said James Crawford, Managing Director of PR Agency One.

Line up their messaging
Consistent, cohesive messaging is especially crucial when working for a client or brand who has traditionally relied on simple link metrics as the mark of success for digital PR campaigns. Campaigns may be news and link-worthy, but if they don’t promote the products or service offerings, they’re not getting in front of the right people. PR and SEO that produces consistent messaging will help build quality links and get the coverage that matters.

The bottom line is this: as the marketing world continues to evolve, great things can happen for your brand when SEO and PR work together effectively to create  engaging and trending content. Both sides share the same goals, and when they collaborate, they can reach their full potential for brand reputation and marketing.

How has your organization experienced PR & SEO working together? Let us know below.

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