If your media relations efforts include all media – print, online, broadcast – then Burrelles Automated Reporting and Custom Media Measurement should be part of your solution to accurately report on the coverage of your company, clients, or competitors.

Maximize the impact of your PR campaigns with PRtrak which provides comprehensive values for your media coverage. For added value, our Industry Reports deliver valuable insight and analysis of specific industry news that’s crucial to you and your business.

Good data, good reporting, good media measurement

Automated reporting and its user-defined reports and charts come standard with all Burrelles MYNEWSDASH subscriptions. Our easy-to-use PR software with automated media measurement allows you to run reports as you need them or schedule reports to be pushed to you on a regular basis.

  • Analyze your coverage and projects by articles over time; media type; automated prominence, sentiment (tone), and share of voice; audience impressions, and other pre-defined and customized metrics.
  • Decide fields for full color charts by an array of metrics like media type, articles over time, and share of voice.
  • Pinpoint the location (i.e., DMA, city, and state) and impact of your results.

Burrelles Custom Media Measurement® – When accuracy is a must

Get the comprehensive picture of your coverage with custom qualitative and quantitative analysis to fully gauge the impact of your coverage for all your C-suite needs.

  • Analysts review your stories for sentiment (tone), key messages, marketing power, prominence, media value, quality rating score, share of voice, and other pre-defined and customized metrics.
  • Reports and charts are issued daily, monthly, quarterly, or other requested frequency, and are produced in your choice of user-friendly formats.
  • Data tables are accompanied by full-color, PowerPoint charts that you can easily upload to your presentation or distribute to your C-suite.
  • Options also include executive-level summaries and evaluations of media coverage for when you require objective expert commentary.

Tailored reports deliver valuable insight and analysis of specific industry news flow trends

Our industry report will deliver valuable insight and analysis of specific industry news by providing you with the ability to click on interactive charts and graphs displaying relevant content by product and brand.  It also allows you to drill down into the content and view the actual articles supporting the charts and graphs. Updated weekly, you will quickly assess which industry trends are worth your attention and how your brand or product stacks up to the competition.

When your data is visualized, it is easier to see emerging trends and extract valuable insights. Our customized industry reports give you a powerful interactive tool that eliminates the tedious process of manually examining, cleaning and converting your findings, so you can confidently communicate to your C-suite and support decision-making.

PRtrak – the industry’s most affordable PR software solution and media tracking service

PRtrak provides comprehensive values for your media coverage. It offers uniquely sourced, proven data, such as share of discussion and media prominence index that enables you to clearly and concisely correlate publicity to business outcomes using qualitative and quantitative metrics.

  • Up-to-date premium data for broadcast, print and internet media sources, as well as complete data on broadcast gross impressions and print circulation via one concise and simple to use dashboard.
  • Quantitative correlation of your share of media and publicity to actual business results allows you to compare competitors and/or products.
  • Detailed reporting of your PR efforts to your C-suite.

PRtrak offers both on-demand and full-service measurement solutions

PRtrak On-demand publicity tracker and media tracking service offers a more hands-on approach

  • Access cost-effective and easy-to-use media measurement and analysis.
  • Download high-quality, automated reports of your publicity coverage complete with audience impression and media value metrics of TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and internet data.
  • Ability to demonstrate your results with qualitative and quantitative data against key business objectives using the Media Prominence Index.

PRtrak Plus Full-service measurement has all the benefits of the on-demand service with the added benefit of a third-party analyst review

  • Human analysts who provide you and your team with the support to review the relevancy of your clips and value of your publicity efforts.
  • Custom qualitative and quantitative reports delivered directly to your dashboard where you can provide additional edits and tailor the reports to further meet your needs.

Easy Access

Comprehensive reporting and media measurement are at your fingertips 24/7.

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